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About the Artist

   James Maxwell has taught art for forty years and he isn't stopping. He has worked with cement/concrete for the last thirty years, first as a hobbyist, then as a working artist. He conducts seminars for those interested in this media to enhance their art experience. For gardening groups with specific goals, Maxwell designs two- to four-hour learning projects. In summer he provides an open working studio for individual artists, and in California at the Mendocino Branch of The College of the Redwoods.
   An illustrator for publishers and authors in the book industry, Maxwell works to make graphically clear the authors intention for the publisher’s print requirements.

   As a staff-artist for NBC-TV, Maxwell’s work included painting dancers’ bodies on Laugh-In; he was a crew member of The Dean Martin Show, The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and worked with NBC news as graphic artist for documentaries. He provided courtroom sketches for both the Charles Manson and Angela Davis trials. He received an Emmy for his graphic work in television. In 1973 Maxwell moved to Mendocino, California to pursue his dream of being an independent artist and became a professional artist and teacher.

   An extensive traveler, Maxwell’s paintings and writing have been published by in-flight airline magazines. An anthology of his and others of his writing group's travel stories appear in Along the Way - Travel Stories.
   Maxwell serves his local business community as information architect for point-of-purchase graphic design for print, packaging, and web site design. Currently he is art director for an online community of artists. You may refer to his diary offerings:

Mendocino Stories

   He opens his home, studio, his considerable collection to interested collectors.
   Resume upon request.
  James Maxwell

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This site promotes James Maxwell - multimedia artist and author.

Its contents supports the work of James Maxwell multimedia artist and writer. As a graphic designer his work consists of being a teacher of watercolors, oils, acrylic, and other graphic media. He is commissioned for paintings in private collections, and public venues. His print works ranges from etchings to glicee. Author of "The Concrete Gourmet's Cookbook - Solid Recipes" - the book consists of 12 chapter of how to make objects using the refered-to concrete recipes, cement recipes, using concrete as fine art material, cement as media. The how-to use these concrete projects range from making garden planters to food safe serving vessels, worm bunkers to sculptural mixes, and day to day usable objects to follies.

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