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The GreenMan
Ancient God of the Listening Forest.

Green Man

In Celtic mythology, the Green Man is the god of spring and summer. Century after century, he disappeared and returned, encacting themes of death and resurrection, the ebb and flow of life and creativity. Sir Gawain is a knight in green in the legend of King Arthur. He stays alive even when he is decapitated.

How many times have we looked deeply into our dark forests, imagining that someone was watching us?

More to Come.

This sculpture a limited edition concrete reproduction.
E-mail me for availability, price and shipping options to your address. jasmax@mcn.org – I take payment thru PayPal.


Mikey Singing Tenor
Disguised as a birdhouse.

Mikey as Birdhouse

Mikey was my beloved cat for fourteen years; he was an adult when he asked for food knowing I had two other cats that lived with me. Slippers, I painted as a model, made etchings of her love affair with a neighbor cat, Oreo. Their son, Smokey, made up my two cats, Mikey made three.

As models for my sculptures, I sculpted them. Mikey was the one who had a sense of humor. Slippers who was blind received dead mice from Mikey, and she played with them.

More to Come.

This sculpture a limited edition concrete reproduction.
E-mail me for availability, price and shipping options to your address. jasmax@mcn.org
– I take payment thru PayPal.




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Manuscript of "– Happily Everafter?"
The Sea Gull Saga


I return to enjoy busy.

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Recent Work 20202019 - 2018 201720162015201420132012

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