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My new years resolution:
Cats, cats and more cats, also my dog, etcetera. Many more concrete ideas.

Cat Planter . . . Cat planter and succulents

"Slippers pregnant with succulents"
(price upon request)

Dog Planter facing you...Dog Planter facing west...Dog walking away

"Ol' Wrinkly Face - with perfect butt"
(price upon request)

And being a true-believer in pattern recognition that brings us to remember life =

Actual size sleeping cat sculpture printed with highly detailed Japanese anemone leaves
(price upon request)

You can send me feedback.

Nasturtium Cat

Cat cleaning up the flea, printed with highly detailed Nasturtium leaves
(price upon request)

Black and white cat....Black and white Cat Outside

Detailed Japanese anemone leaves, carbon stained gray concrete, white concrete veneer.
(Sculptures have bases of corduroy to protect furniture.)
(price upon request)

Tall Vase 20 inches

Side 2Side three


Side four


A vase named,
"Night Flight"

Five and one half inch square mouth in eighteen inch tall vase,
one quarter inch thick of carbon colored concrete.
The figure is a veneer of printed Japanese anemone leaves.

Yes, those are splashes of 22k gold leaf as light penetrating the darkness.

Vase is waterproof and coated with a red enamel.

corduroy base to protect furniture
(price upon request)

The Family Tree

Fixing the broken


I return to being busy.

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Recent Work 201720162015201420132012

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